"body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why"
2005-11-11 12:09:02 ET

Just a little antecdote for you folks to bring a little chuckle...

Well, I wet the bed last night! LOL

Now, It's not like what you all are thingking... I had one too many (litterally) beers last night. I passed out, in bed, with the last one - full - in my hands....

As one can imagine, I woke up with my sheets soaked, the beer empty, and the bed smelling like a brewery...

..after getting up, laying towles down on the beer, etc, etc... I layed back down to go to bed. I had one of the best nights of sleep I've had in I can't remember how long, with the smell of beer in my nostrils all night long.....

A connection, a coincidance, who knows?

2005-11-11 12:13:13 ET

it might be my falt i did tell you to have sweet drunken dreams

2005-11-11 12:15:43 ET

Oh? did you? lol

2005-11-11 12:17:05 ET

yea as i was saying goodbye to your passed out self

2005-11-11 12:22:31 ET


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