feel like death
2005-11-12 18:49:44 ET

Well, after overcoming Pnemonia, now I've been sleeping like CRAZY recenty, and my stomach/intestines feel like they're trying to KILL ME, every time I eat anything. It's like I CAN'T eat ANYTHING!!!

not that I'm all that big on food, but I enjoy a nibble now and again.... If this keeps it up, you'll all have to start calling me
'Karen Carpenter' LOL!


2005-11-12 18:52:33 ET

Better than Mama Cass.

2005-11-12 18:59:22 ET

LOL! Actually -

Claim: "Mama" Cass Elliot of The Mamas and the Papas choked to death on a ham sandwich.

Status: False.

Origins: "Mama" Cass Elliot's death was initially misreported as having been caused by her choking on a sandwich. The true cause of death, a heart attack, was not determined until an autopsy was performed a week later, but by that time the "ham sandwich" story had become entrenched in the public's mind.

2005-11-12 20:37:57 ET

LOL poor taste

I hope you do die of malnourishment =p

2005-11-12 20:40:49 ET

don't say that!

2005-11-12 20:57:51 ET

No, no.. it's a digestion issue, not a taste one.. heh

2005-11-14 09:44:09 ET


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