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2005-11-21 13:28:36 ET

'No One Truely Loves the Poet'

No one ever truely loves the Poet,
True, they may love his work,
They might even think they see him through his words,
But they only see what he willingly shows.
They never really see the awful wretchedness,
Caused by years of isolation and pain, Of being used and abused,
By giving freely of himself and never recieving anything but scorn.

No one sees the true desperation,
His cries for help all go unnoticed
Destined to go through live alone and miserable.

Even the very few who try to love him, they don't realize how much he needs.
Always seeming clingy or overly affectionate,
But they don't see just how alone he is.


2005-11-21 13:44:16 ET

maybe the poet just needs to realize that he is loved to the best of my ability to love anything and that i could never and have never loved someone so much

2005-11-22 11:09:36 ET

Awwww... <3

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