2005-12-03 18:00:51 ET

....if it's gonna be THAT kinda party, then I'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!

2005-12-03 18:02:05 ET

i really like mashed potatoes ;)

2005-12-03 18:03:05 ET


2005-12-03 18:45:48 ET

b-boys hanging with the freak freak?

2005-12-03 19:12:43 ET

makin' with some mashed potatos.
did it burn?

2005-12-03 19:47:18 ET

no, no... Makin', not hanging... 'B-Boys Makin With the Freak Freak'. heh (and I don't know if it burns, i didn't know it was going to be THAT kind of party.. lol)

2005-12-03 20:28:31 ET

haha.. Interesting.

2005-12-03 22:20:10 ET

don't ask about what goes on with the Brocholi.... LMAO!! =P

2005-12-04 15:20:27 ET

silly boy. ; P

2005-12-04 18:03:57 ET

Oh lorsh! thats scary, and oh so funny.

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