to ER or not to ER....
2005-12-05 00:35:56 ET

Well, I'm not sure if I should just try and make a doctor's appointment, or suck it up and go to the ER... ...I think I may have done something that sent me to the ER about twenty-two years ago: asperation. I think I may have Asperated a nut from some mixed nuts I was eating. Odd thing is, when this happened last time, it was from a peanut. Should I be learning something here? lol

Well, anyway, I guess one way or another they're going to have to vacume out my lungs again - what fun.

Tommorow I should wake up having spiked a fever, and suffering from flu like symptoms.

...hopefully I'll get lucky and cough it out, but I really doubt it at this point.... wish good things, though...


2005-12-05 00:38:06 ET

if i could send you all the good luck in the world i would...but unfortunatly i'm just some crazy girl in ma wishin' on stars for your happiness and health

feel better...and good luck

2005-12-05 01:11:28 ET

thank you! (and would it be 'good luck'? or 'break a lung' or something??)

2005-12-05 01:13:04 ET

your welcome ...and no breaking lungs please theyre kind of important

2005-12-05 11:02:21 ET

you can get your lungs vaccumed out!?
hotdamn i need that!!!

2005-12-05 13:40:27 ET

omg thats awful!.. I hope your better..

2005-12-05 17:07:10 ET

Thank you all... I am going to the ER tonight for my chest film, let you all know how it goes....

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