....7 Hours in the ER later.....
2005-12-07 18:09:12 ET

Well, after 7 fun-filled hours in the ER, they didn't see anything in my lungs, and diagnosed me with 'Acute Bronchitis', gave me an Albuterol inhailer, and sent me on my way. Boy... what fun shit!!


2005-12-07 18:23:49 ET

Aw Jesus. Thats some good shit. Those ER people... really work wonders... ooh boy...

I hope it helps.

2005-12-07 18:28:17 ET

Oh yeah... like when I took my ex-fiancee to the ER for swollen tonsils.... and they send us home wit the diagnosis of 'Tonsilitis'... like, NO FUCKING SHIT.... I guess it's true... us medical professionals really DO make the worst patients...

2005-12-07 18:30:43 ET

It shouldn't matter. If you need help, they should bloody well help.

2005-12-07 18:35:05 ET

oh yes... but, as long as it doesn't inconvienance them... heh

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