...oh, how I weep.....
2005-12-07 21:16:33 ET

....I found my snake today, half-frozen and nealry dead in his tank... Apparently his heat-rock had come unplugged, and I hadn't been checking on him enough, with this whole Lung deal and all.... When I found him, he was limp, his eyes were completely white, and he couldn't even flick his tounge out to smell, he just kind of lolled it out, every so often.... I've brought him into my room and warmed him up, and he seems to be doing somewhat better, but his eyes are still all white...

I'm SO worried about my Basil... I don't know anything about snakes and cold weather, I'm from fucking Florida..... I can't afford to take him to the vet (still worried about how I'm going to make rent THIS month!!). I'm soooo afraid I will lose him... I know it may sound silly to be so attatched to a reptile that doesn't even have emotions, but Basil means the world to me... I would be devistated if anything happened to him....

Does anyone know anything about snakes and the effects of cold? He's a Royal (Ball)Python. What's with his eyes? It's not like he's shedding, and he's showing no other signs that he would be.... Will it go away? Is he permenantly blind now, or something? Anyone??


2005-12-07 23:00:00 ET

No, him being cold for a few hours will not do any sort of damage. It's a hibernation mode they go into when they get cold. [I'm not too sure about the white eye thing though.] Just keep him nice and toasty and he should be fine :)

2005-12-08 04:00:24 ET

I hope so.... I REALLY worry about that little bugger....

2005-12-08 09:14:20 ET

Just keep him warm. He may sleep for a while due to the "hibernation mode". But he will be ready for business in no time.
Snakes rule.

2005-12-08 10:29:29 ET

right now he is in a cloth bag, in the warmest place in the house - the little cranny behind my computer, LOL!

2005-12-08 11:16:11 ET

The white eyes are prob him shedding, mine used to do the same thing. And sometimes they'll start shedding, but not finish for a while, and the skin that's already pulled away will turn white.
And you may already do this, but put a sock or something over his heating stone. Otherwise they can sometimes overheat and get burnt.

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