Where are you?
2005-12-19 12:21:10 ET

Where is sleep? Why can't I seem to find it anywhere? Ugh.... I hate being sick and not being able to sleep. I could drug myself, but then I'd sleep too long. grrr...

2005-12-19 12:31:47 ET

There is always Dr. Mom.

2005-12-19 13:12:34 ET

ya found it...in the matter of about a minute...passing out on me as usual =P

2005-12-20 02:14:12 ET


2005-12-20 17:23:20 ET

I haven't found sleep lately as well. :(

2005-12-21 02:51:51 ET

......well, the several ounces of pot has helped... lol

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