Bollocks, I say, once again!
2006-01-01 10:46:12 ET

To hell with all these Resolutions. I've given up on the whole concept! From now on, all I'll be creating is New Year's Revolutions!!


"A single glass of wine will impair your driving more than smoking a joint. And under certain test conditions, the complex way alcohol and cannabis combine to affect driving behaviour suggests that someone who has taken both may drive less recklessly than a person who is simply drunk."
- New Scientist
March, 2002

2006-01-01 11:02:54 ET

i disagree with that statement, the same could be said about doing a few lines of cocaine!

2006-01-01 11:38:57 ET

1. It wasn't MY statement, it was an article.

2. No, cocaine just takes the 'fatuige' away, and if anything makes you even MORE reckless. Cannabis makes you 'more aware' of your imparements, and therefore drive slower/more cautious.

2006-01-01 11:56:30 ET

i remember reading in erowid that when cannabis combined with alcohol makes one less aware.(im way to lazy to back this statement)

ive never driven drunk + stoned, either.
i have done it seperatelty and i realy disrecomend the first of the two.

2006-01-01 12:09:32 ET

Yes, as do I! Very bad! ...and the one MAJOR problem with driving on alcohol and pot is that smoking pot while drinking creates the possiblility of the 'Spins'....

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