2006-01-01 12:03:52 ET

For everyone, this is my Zaphod boy...

2006-01-01 15:25:49 ET

omfg thats a huge cat O.o but cute.. :)

2006-01-01 17:41:16 ET

Yes, he's a elephant of a cat... lol

2006-01-02 06:24:10 ET

hehe I hope Maddox doesnt get that big.. he already weighs a ton!!

2006-01-04 04:10:45 ET

Almost all my cats get HUGE (I have one Bonsai, hehe). I think it's from all the pot and catnip, they eat like horses and run around like crazy, so they grow really big and strong and silly, lol.

2006-01-04 07:06:51 ET

awesome. i absolutely LOVE big cats!!

2006-01-04 07:09:47 ET

heh I live in a one bedroom mobile home so I dont want my 4 cats to be hugantic!! :P

2006-01-04 07:20:17 ET

LOL, When I lived in a trailer I had 11 at one point. ;}

2006-01-04 07:42:52 ET

Whoa.. O,o

2006-01-04 08:09:34 ET

Yep... I'm the male equivalent to 'the Old Cat-Lady', lol!

2006-01-04 09:12:00 ET


2006-01-05 17:50:35 ET

Ok, well, if the Old Cat-Lady was a pothead and a sex-maniac... LOL!

2006-01-06 05:21:24 ET

O,o ya never know... ya know.

2006-01-07 17:50:25 ET


2006-01-08 06:51:59 ET


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