We fuck you up
2006-01-07 17:55:51 ET

"Where's the money, Lebowski? Where's the fuckin' money?!?"

"...you human Paraquat!"

2006-01-07 20:27:36 ET


2006-01-10 11:17:37 ET

"The Dude abides...."

2006-01-10 12:59:30 ET

Gotta love the movies

2006-01-10 18:19:58 ET

paraquat is an herbicide used to kill mexican plantations of cannabis.

i dont remember hearing that line....

2006-01-10 20:12:13 ET

Yes, I know... ..and he says it near the end, to the Big Lebowski.....

2006-01-11 07:36:12 ET

WOOO hooo.

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