Pihkal me, Tihkal me, just break down all the walls.
2006-01-10 17:43:24 ET

"Penalties against posession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself." - Pres. Jimmy Carter, Oct 2, 1977

" Capital punishment for a mandatiry price to pay for possession od more than XYZ grams of dope. Where in the world but here in the United States, and in Iran, and maybe in Malaysia. The unautherized possession of an atomic bomb, by the way, is worth a maximum of 12 years." -Phikal, pg. 441 [italics added]

Which, dear visitors, is the more 'Harmful' of the two offences? Really cosider the ramifications of that.

2006-01-10 17:53:33 ET

i believe the first one. only because well i dont know why, but it is easier to make sense. yea..its late...can you tell?

2006-01-10 17:57:43 ET

Wait, you think DRUG POSSESSION is worse than having an ATOMIC BOMB?!?

2006-01-10 18:22:53 ET

laws change dude... not to say that i belive in america one bit.

i had a buddy get busted trafficing meth across statelines, the thing that fucked him was having a sod off shotgun, he got 7 years.
he is out now.

2006-01-10 20:16:17 ET

Yes, they do change, with drug laws becoming more and more stringent.

2006-01-11 04:55:12 ET

if that were 100% true i would not be here to contest it.
well now i have no constitutional rights or anything along those lines... im on felony probation(4years) for geting busted for 3 lortabs....

2006-01-11 11:05:29 ET

...I don't even see how they can warrent wasting the time to even have you on PROBATION for something so trivial!

2006-01-11 11:33:36 ET

its all about money, money they dont care where it comes from as long as they get it.

ive talked to people who have used dirty money to pay for every fine and fee brought on by the probation courts.

they only accept money orders, or cashiers checks, these are funds that are not easily tracked.

2006-01-11 11:38:48 ET

Yes, I know. ....like they arrested and BOOKED me for fucking simple tresspassing a few years back, just so that would be one more head on their yearly count of inmates, so they could get more federal funding. ....it's all quite disgusting..

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