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2006-01-13 08:44:35 ET

Saturday: Registration begins at 7:30 - first come, first serve basis - with class begining at 8:00am EST.

Yes, that's right ladies and germs, this weekend is my 8hr Defenseive Driving class - for getting popped with going 90 in a 55. Better than losing my license for a month, i suppose.

Honestly though, I think as long as you're not driving impaired, the laws shouldn't be so harsh say, oh, after midnight or so...

The punishment should fit the crime. Now, it is MUCH worse of a crime to go speeding down some road during 'morning commute' hours, than it is at 3 in the morning. Shouldn't your fine be more when you're putting say 50 other drivers at risk in your drive, opposed to perhaps 2 or 3?

...but hey, maybe that's just me and my wacky ideas...

2006-01-13 09:32:42 ET


My Mom's husband got pulled over for speeding. They discovered he had no insurance, expired tags, and a suspended license, and in the cab of his truck he had an open can of beer (he was in fact legally drunk), a bottle of moonshine, over an ounce of marijuana, meth, and some various prescription pills.

All he got was a sentence of drug court, which he never signed up for, and it was never carried out. *insert dirty cop/govt rant here*

2006-01-13 10:04:55 ET

Wow, wish I had that luck.... Though, I had just sparked a J when the I saw the lights in the rear-view, and I was able to get it out and not have the cop ask to search, which is a MAJOR bonus!

2006-01-13 10:14:50 ET

I got caught at a trolly crossing. I ran a red light so I wouldn't get hit my the trolley. I got a ticket for running the red light So apparently it would have been better that I died? Ticket laws are stupid.

2006-01-13 10:29:56 ET

Yes, that they are!

2006-01-14 08:56:02 ET

I don't speed and I don't do drugs, so I guess I don't have those problems. *shrugs*

2006-01-14 18:11:55 ET

Can we say L7, boys and girls.

2006-01-15 23:13:39 ET


2006-01-16 11:37:18 ET

It's an old Beatnik term for 'Square'...

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