2006-01-15 22:40:30 ET

Just had a long converstation with a wonderful new friend, and all I have to say is: WOW! I'm really excited about all of this, and the pothentials... I've always been at such a lack for friends, and this one seems perticularly special.

You know who you are. ;)


2006-01-15 23:00:48 ET

new friends are so cool.

2006-01-16 06:13:48 ET

new friends are the best thing ever..because you actually have shit to talk about with them..

2006-01-16 06:14:07 ET

new friends are pretty special, and Im sure this new friend feels the same way as you do. I bet this friend couldn't get you off their mind last night....and thought of you first thing this morning. I bet. That's pretty special!

2006-01-16 11:44:27 ET

.....I'm sure that I couldn't get my new friend off my mind last night, or today, either!

2006-01-16 11:44:56 ET


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