for some odd reason.....
2006-01-16 14:05:43 ET

I'm being QUITE Asthmatic today, though I don't know why... I don't even technically have Asthma... ugh.

2006-01-16 14:06:52 ET

Umph, probably the idiot smokeR who almost lit your neighborhood on fire. Now I am feeling guilty. BREATHE! ...:)

2006-01-16 14:09:12 ET

Yeah, but yuou cheer me up, so it's ok...

2006-01-16 18:13:23 ET

Well come back and cheer me up, because you said you were going to make some tea, and I am afraid you blacked out on the kitchen floor! If you don't come back, Im going to have to go all the way there just to make sure you are alright

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