2006-01-22 10:22:24 ET

What is it that gives Mothers the uncanny ability to make you feel like shit, through anything? You could be having the best day of your life, and they can still make the whole world look black. It must be supernatural, it must....

2006-01-22 12:08:48 ET

I don't know, but it's definitely an uncanny talent.

2006-01-22 12:22:56 ET

Isn't it, though? ...and I want to know, at what age does that develop, because it didn't always seem to be that way. I think there's this age where nature's like: "Ok, you no longer have the strength to fight with your kids, but here, here's the ability to make them feel like total shit - enjoy!". Perhaps it's a gift of Menopause.

2006-01-22 12:48:53 ET

It just might be.
Mine tends to be really passive aggressive and underhanded about it.

2006-01-22 13:17:57 ET

Well, yes. That's the typical mother fassion. heh

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