The Plight of my Love
2006-02-09 13:43:31 ET

I love so greatly and limitlessly,
More than most can ever conceive.
Multiplicity instead of Singularity
Boundless, with an open Heart and open Soul
I pour out my Love, it flows from me.
I experience joys and ecstasies most can never dream.
Ananda. Bliss.
In much greater frequency and quantity, at that.

Though the cost of giving one's Heart so openly and totally, and freely -
Is that it is broken so equally in totality and frequency and quantity.
What a bitter-sweet existence it is to live as thus.
Burning as often and equally with a passion for Life,
And a longing for Death.

Eros versus Thatanos, a constantly raging battle.
That which I must endure so intensely.

(written aprox 6pm EST, 2/9/06)

2006-02-09 17:29:25 ET

You are so amazing..
Thats pretty much all the words I can say..

2006-02-09 17:55:12 ET

Thank you. I really need that, right about now... I'm quite broken inside, at the moment....

2006-02-09 18:09:10 ET

I know how you feel love I know how you feel.
But you are an amazing writer, a grand poet. A classic bard even. ;)

2006-02-09 18:10:17 ET

Again, thank you. I am quite flattered, and needed that very much.

2006-02-09 18:10:46 ET

good. Im glad to help.

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