Well, well, well.
2006-02-10 13:18:42 ET

My rather 'urban' neighbor who lives in the unit next door to my duplex, was pulling in the same time I was this evening. We exchanged "What's up"s, and out of the blue he asks -
"Hey, you don't smoke chronic, do you?"

"Of course I do!!!"

"Shit, you don't know where I can get a dime bag, do you?"

Well, Not having all that many steady contacts, not being in my home-state and all, I just offered to let him have some out of my "head stash"... He digs on Sci-fi movies, too.

Looks like I just found a new smokin' buddy, and right next door. Kick ass!

2006-02-10 13:22:21 ET

I have noticed a whole culture evolving around smoking buddies. My brother has acuired one... a funny ass peruvian kid, really smart, really funny. Now I have heard some new things revoling that doja. KOONYAU!! KOONYAU!! I won't go into the rest.

2006-02-10 13:53:39 ET

I've always thought it was interesting how smoking brings people together. . . When you smoke you tend to come in contact with people that you probably never would have talked to otherwise lol good times

2006-02-10 15:34:01 ET

haha sometimes you are handed the unexpected. maybe this guy will give you a total new outlook on something. who knows. expect the unexpected my dear. congrats on a new friend. I love making them

2006-02-10 16:13:46 ET

Peace, yo!

2006-02-11 10:01:08 ET

I love having people to hang out with that live close to where you live. I have to drive around 8 miles to get to my friend who lives closest to me. the rest are 12 miles and more away.

2006-02-11 16:20:52 ET

Well, he certianly doesn't seem like we'll become 'friends', but at least someone to smoke with, now and again. Yeah, most of my few remaining friends are back in Florida....

2006-02-11 20:47:02 ET

just out of curiosity, does 'urban' mean 'black'? lol. . . . I dunno I think it's funny maybe my sense of humor is fucked lol

2006-02-11 22:51:23 ET

Well not just black, but into hip-hop, and that whole deal.... Not all 'urban' people are black, not all black people are 'urban'...

2006-02-12 06:59:16 ET

haha i know i'm black and i'm not urban . . . . well half so i dont know if that counts? I just thought it was funny. . .

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