....just thought I'd gloat.... hehehe
2006-02-23 13:45:20 ET

Orson Scott Card - writer of 'Ender's Game' and many other modern sci-fi classics - is a resident of my current home: Greensboro, NC.

It gets better.

He's listed in the phone book.

He even writes for one of the local papers (like free, street-type papers, not big corperate ones), 'The Rhino Times'.

I just found all of these things out, recently.

Yay, yay, yay! I don't hate where I live so much. Even more reason for everyone to visit me. =P

- Post script -

Hmm. perhaps for the cost of S & H, I could start sending other 'fans' the Rhino Times issues he writes in. ...and I wonder if there's a fan-club here in town, if not I should start one... hmm....

2006-02-23 13:47:13 ET

Ah you lucky bastard!
I heart Orson Scott Card!!!

2006-02-23 13:50:14 ET

...me too... (read the postscript, you might be interested)

2006-02-23 14:27:39 ET

Hrm...I may just take you up on that offer...

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