To all of you practicing (and recovering) Catholics out there....
2006-03-01 09:44:49 ET

Happy Ash Wednesday! Were you a good Catholic and get your ashes?

2006-03-01 09:48:04 ET

heh funny that that's today. . . I ran into an old friend last week and we reminisced about the time years ago when we were little and she cried all day in school cause her dad was gonna "make her put dirt on her face" lol She was scared of ash wednesday. . . anyway you have hardwood floors; I loathe you

2006-03-01 09:48:30 ET

bleh double post sorry

2006-03-01 09:54:23 ET

im not a practicing anything, so this doens't apply to me

however i do give people who do practice this specific thing props because i know it can get

2006-03-01 10:16:15 ET

I'm more of a 'recovering catholic', lol.. but I'm still going, for shits and giggles... hehehe

2006-03-01 10:28:14 ET

what's it all about?
*too lazy to research*

2006-03-01 12:53:52 ET

Ash Wednesday?

2006-03-01 13:24:28 ET

A marking of faith I suppose

2006-03-01 14:57:01 ET

2006-03-01 15:50:52 ET

"Remember, man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return."

2006-03-02 13:02:16 ET

From Oblivion we came, to Oblivion we return, and from Oblivion we shall come again.

2006-03-02 16:37:24 ET

So yesterday my mom and I are driving by a church and we both go "oh shit its ash wednesday". yeah...thats all the catholic we've got left in us. ever since our church was closed....we are anti arch diocese. well just the boston arch diocese (sp?) anyways. i dont plan on giving anything up for lent this feels weird. im still debating if i should give up meat on fridays, but see i dont really eat meat that often anyways. so we'll see.

2006-03-02 20:49:22 ET

Well, we found a pretty Roman Catholic Church that we went to, quite pretty. This week is the first I've been in a church in over 5 years.

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