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2006-03-03 14:17:15 ET

Help Yingsel the Rangzen Antelope Escape!

The Winter Games in Turin are now over and all eyes have turned to Beijing. A two-week hunger strike by Palden Gyatso, one of Tibet's longest serving political prisoners, and two young Tibetan men, outside the Turin Olympic Village, forced the issue of Tibet and human rights onto the agenda of the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has now agreed to follow-up on the concerns expressed by the hunger strikers.

In order to continue building momentum for China's 2008 Summer Olympics, SFT has launched a fun new video game, featuring Yingsel the Rangzen Antelope. Yingsel is a Tibetan antelope who was captured by the Chinese authorities, renamed “Yingying,” and forced to be one of the “Friendlies” - the Beijing Olympic mascots. By playing this game you can help Yingsel escape so that she can return to Tibet and become a powerful freedom fighter!

Please spread the word about Yingsel the Rangzen Antelope. Encourage your friends and family to play the video game and post links to it on websites and blogs. Click here to play now!

How to play? You are Yingsel. Use the cursor keys to navigate the maze. Eat the power-up momos* and use your Rangzen* power to defeat Jingjing the Cybercop. Collect all the tsampa* dots to win your freedom.

* Rangzen is the Tibetan word for “self-sovereignty” or independence.
* Momos are popular Tibetan dumplings.
* Jingjing is one of two ridiculous cartoons which appear on the Internet in China to "remind" users not to break the law.
* Tsampa is roasted barley flour and a staple of the Tibetan diet.

2006-03-03 18:39:10 ET

your background and fonts are haed to read

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