2006-03-10 16:38:21 ET

Woke up to a Sherrif pounding on my front door, this morning. Fun shit....

2006-03-10 16:50:40 ET


2006-03-10 16:57:11 ET

Yeah.... delivering a Summons.... apparently I'm being sued for 5 Grand, for the accident I got in back in August (on my Birthday)

2006-03-10 16:58:11 ET

Wow. :-p
That's horrible!

2006-03-10 16:58:46 ET

Yes, quite! I just had to get hit by a Beamer, huh?

2006-03-10 17:08:38 ET

I drive a 2001 Alero GL, even with that, I don't think it would be hard to rack up $5,000 in damages (dual air bags, electronic everything). :-p Granted that's why I carry full coverage insurance on it.

I recall you being in an accident, but that's all I recall. :-p

2006-03-10 17:54:03 ET

and overpriced

2006-03-10 17:57:16 ET

I'm confused. What's overpriced? :-p

2006-03-10 18:16:26 ET


2006-03-10 18:48:13 ET

Ohyeah definately! lol

2006-03-10 19:51:37 ET

Damn the Man, damn Peak Oil, damn Detroit! =P

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