2006-03-20 13:07:11 ET

I want my copies of 'Zoo Nation' to come in the mail so I can see what kind of Publication my work will be printed in. Damn Trans-Atlantic shipping! Oh well, off to go run some errands, and come home and do some job-hunting online... fun shit....

Ooo! Just remebered I have at least half a bottle of wine left, maybe I'll reward myself if I have I get a good list of places to go for tommorrow, and fax off a good share of Resumes.... Can't reward myself too much, though, have to be up early tommorow morning. yuck.

2006-03-20 13:17:24 ET

2 cups ... spread em out through the day.

2006-03-20 20:10:10 ET

Two glasses of wine won't do ANYTHING for me... lol

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