le sigh
2006-05-02 10:04:30 ET

Well, yesterday I finally talked to Vicki, the ex-fiancee. She's matured enough that she regrets her abuse towards me, and is eternally thankful for my understanding, and realizes that if she would have went through such bad times alone - or with someone else - she would have NEVER made it through it.

This would be the perfect point for reconcilliation, which I've always wanted.

One problem, I'm a week too late. Apparently the guy she just started dating failed to mention that he had Herpes. She's going through her first outbreak. She's lost all hope, as well as losing all faith in everything. It breaks my heart.

In other news, my life has been stressfull, tedious, and depressing lately. I guess that's just the icing on the cake. fun, fun.


2006-05-02 10:33:54 ET

she get used to herpes as time passes
it doesn't kill you

2006-05-02 14:09:05 ET


2006-05-08 05:37:12 ET

*hug* Im always here if you want to talk, you know that. I miss ya, we've haven't talked in a while actually.

2006-05-14 13:22:46 ET

Ugh. That's good, yet bad.


2006-05-14 14:55:20 ET

thank you...

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