2006-05-12 22:45:54 ET

I fell off a ladder three days ago, painting the ceiling at my sister's... Well, the ladder actually tipped over, so I landed full force with all my weight onto the foot-pad of the ladder, hitting it with my right breast-plate. (I thought I was going to break my chest, sternum, or ribs; as well as thinking I was going to end up going head-long down the stairs). I also broke at least one toe on my left foot.

On the happy note, I got the issue of Zoo Nation that I'm published in sent to me, Royal Post, in the mail yesterday... Yay!!

So, on my page I have links where you can read the story and whatnot.... but to get a copy of the actual publication, send an e-mail asking for one to peter.a.young@macunlimited.net (or write 62 Walmer Road, Woodley, Berkshire RG5 4PN, England) ....don't say I'm a friend, just something along the lines that you heard good things about a story by a "C. Samuel Safran" in the most recent edition of Zoo Nation and heard good things about the publication in general, and would very much like a copy...


2006-05-12 22:53:12 ET

I'm so proud of you publication....I can't wait to see what will come of it ...great things I'm sure

*sends you kisses for your booboos*

2006-05-13 08:43:21 ET

ahh I hope you get well soon. I had a friend who broke his toe and he said it hurt more than anything hes ever felt!

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