Read it!
2006-05-13 11:33:17 ET

So, how many of you read my story? If not, follow the links and read it, damnit!!!

Read my last entry, too... hehe


2006-05-13 13:17:56 ET

I raed the jpg version
took a while for my eyes to adjust
all's I can see is the web may make a difference

2006-05-13 13:27:03 ET

You don't have to do that... if you follow the one of the links, you can actually get to the story, like typed up and everything.....

2006-05-13 13:38:01 ET

I saw nudity
but I already managed

2006-05-13 20:03:50 ET

There isn't nudity at the 'Zebrahunter Slim' links, where the reader is directed.... there are, however, my artistic shots at my Figure Modeling link.....

2006-05-14 17:00:17 ET

the words are too small. :(

2006-05-14 20:59:39 ET

no, follow the Blogger or Google Group link, and you can read it....

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