Health Status Update....
2006-05-18 06:30:50 ET

Well, I just got back from the ER... Finally went for my fall off the ladder. Was still in so much pain, and deep pain, that I thought I might have damaged a lung or pulmonary vessle, or something, or broken something important....

The X-Rays came back I'm unbroken, even my toe... and my lungs and heart look good, they say....

They gave me a Vicodin while I was there, and a perscription for twenty 30mg Codine Sulfate tabs (which the Nurse says are probably stronger, comparably, to Vicodin).

Hmm, It just occured to me, looking at them, that they're quite small enough to snort, and perfect size for booting.... such bad thoughts I have, lol! Evil Sam. =P

2006-05-18 06:37:49 ET


why not just cold water extraction. i just smash 'em and let it soak in water, hits me faster.

2006-05-18 07:19:54 ET

...or you could always just break them up / powder them, to increase surface area and therefore aid in absorbtion, and take them just like that....

2006-05-18 11:43:24 ET

well shit man ... I'm glad you pulled through with only a tad of an asswhoopin' and nuthin' permanent.

2006-05-18 12:01:40 ET

thanks... was a bit frightened there, for a while. Had been feeling like my Lung hurt... was concerning me. though, when you study medicine, every injury or illness puts a bit of that fear in you - knowing what it could be, lol.

2006-05-18 16:50:18 ET

taking psychology classes can also give you an illness. Psych 1 disease. it's in the books. tee hee.

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