2007-05-09 15:57:02 ET

I'm turning over a new leaf and focusing all my attention in my recovery (both of my dislocated shoulder w/ an impaction bruise of the bone - occured on the 18th - and my ptsd/depression/anxiety/minor ocd, etc...) and in becoming a better, more honorable and noble, and overall positive person.

Granted, the isolation caused by my lack of computer and inability to drive due to my shoulder is making it a little difficult at the moment, but I am putting all my effort into it. Also, with this, I am asking a little favour. If all those close to me could try and be a little extra supportive in this period, I would be greatly appriciative - and of course I am there for you all, as well, I hope you know. (and those I haven't heard from in a while, I would like to hear from you, I miss you all, and am in a better place to be a good friend now - and need them more - than ever)

"Peace Be With You"

2007-05-12 01:14:59 ET

I am going through a period similar to this as well. I've just ended my schooling temporarily(maybe) until I decide WHY I am doing it at all. and cleansing my body of impurities that I would like to live without and also letting myself be expressed without interference of others (rather hard for not letting much out over the years).

I am fully supportive of you and send you my good energy in healing. peace and <3.

2007-05-13 10:51:23 ET

Thank you, I could use it. Also, I miss you, contact me sometime!!

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