2007-05-25 21:31:12 ET

....Feeling ignored and forgotten, here....

2007-05-26 05:19:37 ET

I remember you. :-)

2007-05-26 05:39:28 ET

I remember you to sweetie.

2007-05-26 14:35:26 ET

i love you ...ya goober

2007-05-28 20:21:53 ET

Awww... thank you... at least I know three people, on this whole site, still care about me! And you are a wonderful three!!



2007-05-28 22:15:12 ET

i misseth you like crazy hun

2007-05-29 18:50:36 ET

I miss you too! You know, you all can get in touch with me the old fasioned way, or at least drop me an e-mail...

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