The past three months - as of may 30th (things have just gotten worse)
2007-06-25 18:22:20 ET

Ok, so I got dumped - very unplesently; I dislocated my right shoulder in one of (if not the most) rare forms possible, and got an accompying impaction-bruise to the bone - and of course it being after midnight I had to set it myself and drive myselfcar to the ER: I drive a stick; I was arrested for misdamenor possession and paraphanalia; my ex-roomate (thatI let stay w/ me for 10 months - rent free - and took care of her after her knee surgury) broke into my house, stole all my smoke, my easy-roller, a hand-made bamboo pipe that someone in high school gave me, my prized collection of Vampire wine, my RXs, and my computer; I went to the doctor and I'm 117lbs @ 5'9", which, with a small frame I should weigh at least 142 - I'm almost 1.5 points low on the BMI; I had my two big-toe nails surgically removed - injections to numb them were EXTREMELY painful, and didn't work all the way, because I could feel the whole procedure; and this weekend my car totally died.

2007-06-25 18:50:41 ET

Look at it like this...and I hope you will feel a bit better:

-You are still alive
-You have me
-Your name is Sam
-And you pretty much rock my world.

I'm so sorry that all of this is going on hun, you honestly don't deserve it, you are a great person. But I think that if you have a positive outlook on the days to come, things will work out. I know it is probably hard to look past all of these negative conflicts, but it's worth a try...right?

2007-07-03 16:07:41 ET

As for having you, and rocking your world - if that's the case, I wish we'd be in touch more often....

2007-07-04 06:33:25 ET

i am having trouble putting this together.

u got dumped, then she hit you with a truck? wth got u all banged up?

Keep better company! Whenever I bring someone new to my place I show them the blacony and describe as "The place where we hang thieves, infidels, and people who park in our parking spot."

2007-07-05 08:26:48 ET

It was just moving wrong that dislocated my shoulder. And as for a spot for "hanging people", first - that's a sensitive topic in the south, still... LOL! second - well, I'm a pacifist, what can I threaten? If you wrong me, I'll emilate<sp?> myself in your living-room in protest? lol

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