Great M*A*S*H quote!
2007-11-20 14:50:13 ET

Hawkeye: Radar, I have the impression that we woke you around 3:30 this morning.
Radar: No, it was ten of four.
Trapper: Did we say why?
Radar: Uh, you said you wanted to sacrifice a virgin.
Hawkeye: Did we?
Radar: I was too sleepy.

2008-04-08 21:28:17 ET

I lurve m*a*s*h

2008-05-22 16:50:10 ET

So do I!! Hawkeye was one of my Role-Models growing up!

2008-05-22 18:03:33 ET

Was? He still is mine ^^

2008-05-24 17:49:10 ET

LOL, yeah, that is true!

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