2010-01-06 16:06:19 ET

Nikolai Christopher Safran
Born: Nov 23, 2009. 09:59p EST
7lb, 2oz; 19.25in

Pictures will be posted as soon as I get around to it. - Kicked out of in-laws, and wife told me she wanted to separate all in the same day (day after Christmas), so don't exactly have access to my computer.

2010-01-06 18:22:38 ET

This child is too cute not to show off now!!

I must admit if it weren't for that whole being illegal thing I'd go steal him! Much <3 Nikolai and of course Sam

2010-01-06 21:17:04 ET

Congratulations and condolences in the same shot, man. =/

2010-01-07 04:02:39 ET


Congrats and condolences at the same time...


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