21 / m / lebanese Living in Lille, France. speak arabic, french and english and a bit of italian. I'm a phoographer amateur and i hate taking pictures of people. I'm studying in Lille 3 in Medias and Cultural INDUSTRIES(yes, they call it like this). hmm.. if u don't understand a word , it is normal. In brief, I would like to be a mediator in the art world. I don't speak unless i feel like it. I'm not funny, and i am serious! I don't like television. I am atracted to mysterious and complicated girls. I like libertinage (having multiple relationships). I've been fighting with this politacly correct imposed life since the day i was born. I have big ideas and i am going to succeed. i would like to live on an island and go fishing for my children. I smoke alot of blue gauloises , joints and drink alot of belgium beers. Eventually i will stop soon. I would like to visit and live in all continents of this world. I have to go.

 i am new    2006-02-23 08:40:58 ET
and i need some time to update my page. see you then