2004-06-09 07:57:21 ET

today is my second day on sk and ive managed to find my clothes so for everyone that didnt like the nikkedness
i am fully clothed................


you know getting off the subject i mentioned in my tell about me entry that one of the things i hate is nature. me and mother nature have never really seen eye to eye
but thats ok cause i love going camping beleive or not so i was excited when brad asked me to go camping with him (looking up at the sky day dreaming) it brought back memories about childhood when i would camp
i remember being maybe five feet from the house an extention cord for the tv and gameing system i could have stayed there forever

2004-06-09 10:40:51 ET


2004-06-09 13:42:21 ET

'ey 'ey so what

2004-06-09 14:23:13 ET

<3 you

2004-06-09 15:00:50 ET

love you too

2004-06-09 22:04:05 ET

I got nothing wrong with being Naked...you all should know that by now... *snickers* I remember those days as well *Stares up at sky daydreaming* I used to do that as well :D GAMERS FOR LIFE!
*continues staring at the sky as a mech falls from the sky and lands on Josh's head (whos still staring into the sky day dreamin')* hehe
Speaking of camping, we might be going again next weekend, if everyone would like too. *nod nod*

2004-06-09 22:29:04 ET

dont know if i can...work and such

2004-06-09 22:30:25 ET

well, we gotta see about other ppl too.....but i thought thta since Tasha and Vi were coming in that it would be a cool idea, less they could stay at ur house all next weekend. and if u would ever answer me back on AIM!!!!! We could talk about it! *sits and waits for are response*

2004-06-09 22:31:42 ET

i know i cant get the weekend off cause of having these last few days

2004-06-09 22:42:49 ET

well, we will figure something out...burn that bridge when we get to it.hehe

2004-06-09 23:33:31 ET

its nice to know people that dont care to be naked....................... hope we can go camping

2004-06-10 10:29:44 ET

that sounds realllllly bad....naked camping...who would have thought

2004-06-10 11:22:12 ET

'ey it would be fun

2004-06-10 19:45:40 ET

for some of us *grin*

2004-06-10 19:52:04 ET

I dont care to be naked..hehe Im still up for that game of strip Halo sometime....hehe

2004-06-10 19:53:05 ET

....Im not good enough at that game to play it with my clothes on the line

2004-06-10 21:41:13 ET

id play to lose

2004-06-10 22:43:31 ET

hehe i would let ppl kick my ass at Halo so i could get naked...then kick there ass while i was naked! now theres a reason to brag! " I beat someone at halo...when i was naked!" cant u just see Spanky being all down and out and saying.."I got beat at Halo....by a naked Brad" HAHAHAH!

2004-06-10 22:46:13 ET


2004-06-10 23:21:27 ET

hehe we so have to do that sometime..that would be so much fun

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