another song
2004-06-09 09:16:16 ET

i am currently sitting at the house with nothing to do so im going to post another song so please tell me what you think................


pardon me sir
i know your days are long
and i know you must grow tired
but i need to know a few things
before i leave

father why have you left me
sir did i disappoint you
could my life not add up to yours
did you not care to say i love you
or did you not have the time

excuse me sir
i know you dont have the time
but could you spare a few
i need to know a few things
before you leave again

shattered dreams
and plastered thoughts
a broken future
a empty past
everything youve given me

2004-06-09 09:52:48 ET

I like it

2004-06-09 09:57:48 ET


2004-06-09 11:17:04 ET

it's really good i can write but not that well i think the only good song i have ever written in the one in my biography and even then it's not that good.

2004-06-09 13:45:57 ET

thank you if its the one that stars out this thing inside my chest is sorry i cannot express i think its good i liked it

2004-06-09 14:24:20 ET

that song...nevermind.

2004-06-09 22:06:41 ET

I likes it!

2004-06-09 23:34:04 ET

thank ya mayn

2004-06-10 19:47:41 ET

*tips hat* your welcome

2004-06-11 12:42:41 ET

yeah well that's the one. and thanks i think it could be alot better but it sounds awesome when my band plays it so it's all good.

2004-06-11 13:10:00 ET

coo coo

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