2004-06-10 10:15:20 ET

hello to all. i would start this out by telling you how my day went but i have just waken up soooo im kinda lost so give me a few seconds............ 2 hours later. oh damn im sorry forgot anyway so i still remain jobless (super hero voice) but have no fear (back to normal redneck voice) i refuse to stay that way forever to much shit i want to buy
so in closeing (super hero voice) i will do the unspeackable (back to redneck voice) and get a job

2004-06-10 10:27:33 ET

good luck, i will be without a job in 7 days! :(

2004-06-10 10:46:49 ET

I will be without a job....as soon as possible...because i hate mine. Question is...where should i go to get a new one...

that was kinda cute...the whole superhero voice...yeah

2004-06-10 11:00:48 ET

Good luck, mayn

2004-06-10 11:23:59 ET

thanks for the luck i'll find somewhere

2004-06-10 11:24:32 ET

why will you be out of a job for

2004-06-10 15:11:21 ET

my last day is the 18th, moving to INDY!!! *dances around*

2004-06-10 17:42:33 ET

coo coo hope you have a safe trip

2004-06-10 19:57:34 ET

and she's gonna come see us soon isn't she *glares*

2004-06-10 21:01:56 ET

Ekstasis, what part of Indy are you moving to?

2004-06-11 01:39:26 ET

Josh: i shall, thanks

Kandess: DUR!!!

DUd: indianapolis, close

2004-06-11 21:34:14 ET

I have the weekend that you two will be here,(or atleast that saturday and sunday) off....for fun stuff and stuff

2004-06-11 23:02:32 ET

and i am not aware of what weekend that is, please inform me

2004-06-12 18:07:50 ET

I live in the Northeast Corner of Indy nowadays

2004-06-12 21:24:28 ET

unfortunately, now im not so sure of which weekend it is...so i'll need to be informed as well

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