2004-06-12 12:57:05 ET

in a few weeks i get to go to classes with kandess' brother
i get to practice the karata ( i know i spelled it wrong i did it on purpose) ive always wanted to since i was a kid this was also comeing from the kid that sat in the front row of tmnt in theathre and did the fight scenes with the movie noises and all. but i tell kandess jokingly that im doing to protect myself because if you sit down and think about she could start her own dynasty. it could be like the corbin dynasty or something. anyway thats all for today

2004-06-12 13:35:24 ET

hehe i used to take karate it was so much fun. i hope you enjoy it like i did.

2004-06-12 15:53:28 ET

kandess' brother had taken me to one of his classes and hadnt thought about taken the karata since i was young but i thought it might be intresting i mean it was something i would love to do although i've never been much of a fighter as far as phisical contact goes

2004-06-12 16:02:06 ET


2004-06-12 21:53:20 ET

you...in karata' will be a lot of fun to watch....


2004-06-12 23:37:05 ET

heshaaawwwww its not just karata it is the karata love you kandess

2004-06-13 15:26:41 ET

oh excuse me....THE karata'.


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