2004-06-16 11:03:19 ET

i really dont know what to post today. so i'll just say hi................no im playin you know i think the only thing i listen to anymore is dan cook and i need some sleep (off shrek 2 soundtrack) its sang by the eels they're pretty good
although my favorite band in the world is incubus.(i get to see them in concert):). but anyway on another note i have trying to figure out what kind of a style of music i would like playing when i first started it was rock all the way
but now that ive been playing and ive heard a large aray of music i think it leaning towards some rockish emo but i dont know any thats my post for today.

2004-06-16 18:52:58 ET

yes luckily you sound good singing whatever....

2004-06-16 20:56:13 ET

whatever huh mmmmmmmmooooooooooommmmmmmmm

2004-06-17 15:49:28 ET


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