2004-06-17 12:14:38 ET

dose it make you sad
to find yourself alone
and dose it make mad
to find that i have grown
but it hurts so bad
to see the strength i have shown

when answer the door
pick up the phone
you wont find me
cause im not coming home

some maroon 5 for everyone love that band
ive been listening to them alot latly there cool.
theres a light in kandess'place with the washer and stuff i cant find the switch to turn it off ive been looking for like two or three days it sucks ass

2004-06-17 16:03:07 ET

on the wall to the left of the back door honey....

2004-06-17 16:13:40 ET

to the left of what and where

2004-06-17 18:47:52 ET

i'll just show you...when you get outta the shower

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