ohhhh yeaaaah
2004-07-06 15:17:11 ET

is everything a baited hook
and are their locks on all doors
if your looking for an open book
look no futher i am yours
well behave like animals
swing from tree to tree
we can do anything that turns you up and sets you free

your an exeption to the rule
your a bonified raraity
your all i ever wanted
southern girl could you want me

incubus is great although i admit their old stuff
is better but thats ok. so anyway going out to eat i think
but first i think i have to go see my mother first so thats my post for now write everyone later. that sounds so weird
im use to saying see ya later but anyway bye for now

2004-07-06 17:00:04 ET

southern girl...

2004-07-06 18:49:39 ET

i <3 that song

2004-07-07 00:59:11 ET

kandess whether you admit it or not your southern

2004-07-07 12:27:19 ET

*pouts* i wasn't before....started going out with you, and suddenly...the accent is oh so obvious...it's all your fault

2004-07-07 15:50:34 ET

kandess its ok it happens to the best of us

2004-07-07 17:44:46 ET

yes yes i know,...still all your fault

2004-07-07 17:49:57 ET

is not mmmmmmmooooooooommmmmmmmmm

2004-07-07 20:51:13 ET

oooh you and your damned mocking

2004-07-07 21:52:51 ET

love ya

2004-07-07 22:02:19 ET

love ya dittos

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