2004-07-09 04:09:54 ET

good morning it is 9:02 in the am over here and i have had no sleep but thats ok im headed that way in a minute. just wanted to post to say hey theres really not much to post about right now im happy about most of the things in my life. sure there is alot of things to complain about but pain could never compare to what i have right now kandess she is such a great girlfriend she is such a great friend and with these two things mine and her dreams will reach reality. she has given me so much i could never explain or could ever find the words to do so. i only hope i can full fill the shoes shes made for me. well that is all for now. bye for now :)

2004-07-09 11:24:03 ET

I love you...now stop it you're gonna make me cry

2004-07-09 14:02:19 ET

awwwww, sweetness!!

2004-07-16 23:40:53 ET

yall er just too darn Q-eeewwwt

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