two more days
2004-07-15 20:24:27 ET

two more days and i get to see my favorite band in the world incubus. i love them (tear in eye) but anyway enough with my moment of braging i have had a pretty good day didnt do much but a good day anyway so thats about all i have so far i'll post again after the concert and tell everyone how it was sotill then so yall later

2004-07-15 20:54:45 ET

thats cool, how close are you? im going to see the cure next month, i haven't seen them yet.

2004-07-15 21:02:14 ET

*tear in eye* I...I love you..

I got a coupon!

2004-07-15 23:29:47 ET

tell me story bout my giant pig

thats cool its an hour away

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