incubus concert
2004-07-22 12:21:49 ET

got to go see incubus in concert fuckin kicked ass really enjoyed myself whats funny though is as soon as incubus got on stage it was like instint weed its like it just appeared in their hands but none the less never stopped me from haveing fun unlike some people any way gotta go hugs to all.

2004-07-22 12:24:12 ET

unlike some people....

2004-07-23 17:45:40 ET

yeah well some people tend to pout when they go to rock concert and expect there not to be drugs and drinking and smoking i mean for example like lalapaloza cause you know theres no drugs there....right :)

2004-07-23 18:25:03 ET

you make me laugh and i'll tickle you i swear...

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