starting new
2004-07-23 17:53:03 ET

things that are going on in my life still love kandess. im buying a note book dosnt sound to exciting huh. but im going to start new as far as writting and style goes. im having a hard time trying to find the right sound that i want so im going to start over and try diffrent things and see what i like if anyone out there has suggestions im always glad to hear them so that is my post for now hugs to all bye.

2004-07-23 18:26:13 ET

*does the new notebook dance*

2004-07-26 04:42:00 ET

it might i dont know yet lol if it does oh my god that may take sometime it may take more than that something like the hand of god

2004-07-27 06:08:23 ET

....*evil stare*

2004-07-30 11:06:20 ET

evil stare whats that for if i cant dance what makes you think the book will

2004-07-30 19:04:34 ET

*laughs* i shall ignore that statement

2004-07-31 17:52:27 ET

: )

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