questions of church
2004-07-30 11:15:55 ET

how can you go through life and never ask qestions. how can you set in a seat and listen to someone yell and spit, and not ask yourself why. if you really want to know someone you ask qestions right thats not saying you are under minding them thats getting to know someone if you never ask you'll never know anything. just a thought

ps. i did not wright this to piss anybody off that may go to church i believe in god more than most people would think it was just a thought i apoligize if it upsets anyone

2004-07-30 11:48:34 ET

i understand what you mean, sometimes i ak the craziest question of all, and that is where did god come from?

2004-07-30 16:05:18 ET

ive asked that before but i guess thats a question you would have to ask god face to face cause i dont think anyone knows everyone ive ever asked just says dont ask just believe but they make it seem like he just appeared one day and said hey im god

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