2004-08-01 12:14:20 ET


2004-08-03 18:17:42 ET

HELL FUCKING YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around you throwing glitter purposefully in your face*

2004-08-03 22:34:06 ET

YAY!*runs around the room wearing his grap costume* Kandess is back! YAY! and shes alive! YAY FOR BEING ALIVE!

2004-08-07 14:54:18 ET

brad hurry be my human sheild (grabs brad)

2004-08-08 18:14:38 ET

be your shield? From what? Or who rather? lol

2004-08-09 13:52:27 ET

im being glittered attacked theres no time to explane

2004-08-10 10:09:22 ET

*grins and raises eyebrow at josh* you CAAAANOOOOOT hide from ze glitter attacks!!!

2004-08-10 18:24:34 ET

eeeek! Glitter! *dashes behind Josh* screw that thought josh, you be my shield..lol

2004-08-10 20:16:34 ET

hahahahha! YAY! i am zzze attacker...zer is no hiding!!!!!!

2004-08-10 20:43:47 ET

*pounces on miss Sandy* Zer is no hiding from me ezer! hehe

2004-08-10 20:55:37 ET

oh no YOUR everywhere!

*raises eyebrow and holds up pile of glitter menacingly*

make your move booger man!!! *raises eyebrow in challenge mode*

2004-08-11 18:49:56 ET

EEEK! *stops mid pounce and drops to the ground, all sneaky sneakish, crawls around miss Sandy in a circle* I shall make my move..when im ready *rasies eyebrow, also in challenge mode* heheh

2004-08-11 19:16:48 ET

this is cool i use brad as sheild sandy and brad start fighting why didnt i think of that earlier (raises fist) youve all been fooled yes yes now i must make my escape

2004-08-11 20:33:23 ET

*nudges brad* look at that dork...tryin' to sneak off..... we shall now join forces BUT ONLY THIS ONCE MORTAL ENEMY OF MINE....and we shall take out this muggle that tries to escape us. come brad...let us join and attack!!!! *holds glitter steady in hand*

2004-08-12 19:11:46 ET

*nods head* indeed, let us take him! *starts to leap at Josh* but wait..i dont have anything to throw at him like u do.....hmmmmmm.... *sits and thinks on the ground* AH HA! *dissapears for a moment then reappears with a Hug backpack, attached to a huge water gun, with the words 'Supa Soaka Gaint' on the side* YAR! Hey wait Sandy, are we really mortal enemies? I thought we were friends? (hehe) We are both magical no? I say we join forces and get all the muggles! *pumps Supa Soaker* YAR! What say u?

2004-08-12 20:08:29 ET

i sayeth the title of mortal enemy shall now be cast off forever.....let us crush this muggle josh and gain our vengane now!!! *shakes fist and shakes uncontrollably*

i think i have issues! but alas they are good monsieur brad *hugs and glitter*

p.s. we love josh!!! *nods*

to be continued.....

2004-08-12 21:05:56 ET

HAVE AT THE NAIVE! *charges at Josh, firing the Supa Soaka*


you have not Issues ms. Sandy. :D

Indeed we do love Josh, otherwise we wouldnt give him such a hard time...lol :D

2004-08-12 22:17:20 ET

i love you guys too (no wait it might be a trick to through off my train of thought) must run away (but i cant must resist)

2004-08-13 11:04:34 ET

awww *hugs josh* its all good!!! <333

2004-08-16 10:03:22 ET

(grr voice) i love you guys

2004-08-18 20:36:49 ET

*shakes butt* im back...im back....

2004-08-18 21:33:31 ET

awwwwww *hugs josh* I love you too Josh :D *secretivlly hold a knife right behind Josh's back while hugging him* heheh

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