2004-08-09 14:07:58 ET

is fear so dominate that sometimes we fear.... having fear
like most men i'll use them as an example since most men do it. like if someone you know we'll call him..... bob for now goes on and on about how theyre not afraid of anything that theres not anything on this earth that can freighten them not even death. now this is just a thought so if i affend someone i apoligize. but anyway would that not bring you to the conclusion that they're afraid of having fear. because everyone has something that they are afraid of thats one of those emotions that say hey your human. but lets say bob wasnt afraid of anything how could bob be human he couldnt because lets say his wife was about to die
lets say by cancer how could bob cry or feel any other emotion if he wasnt afraid that she was going to die.
well thats my thought sorry to bore everyone just had to get off my chest. hugs to all. bye

2004-08-09 18:00:34 ET

That is a good point. I Thought about that at one point in time. I think everyone at some point in time says that there isnt anything that scares them, but then they get a small glimpse of what really scares them...and then they realize that all along it was fear blocking them from having any fear. Like you said 'Bob' goes his whole life without fear, then his wife is ridden with cancer, bob cries when he finds out, and then he is shown that everyone has a fear, even if it is the fear of having a fear. Im sure at some points in life there are times when we dont have fear, like if we are placed in a situation where we have to save someone Yet even then there is still fear, not always fear for ourselves but fear for the safe being of soemone else. Man Josh, how come u have to find these really deep topics that we all have to brood over..lol. I hadnt really thought about it to that deep of an extent, bc i know i have fears, alot of em. Everyone can be Fearless for a short amount of time tho, i think. You do have a good point tho Josh.

2004-08-11 19:00:40 ET

told you my dad can be a dumbass when he's drinking...

2004-08-11 19:29:32 ET

brad: thank ya mayn i was haveing this conversation with wayne kandess's dad of coures i didnt say half the things i post cause he wouldnt listen but thats what triggered the thought

Kandess: i had no idea till that day

2004-08-12 19:03:24 ET

say what? U had this convo with Kandess's dad? What did he say about this? does this have anything to do with your mom Kandess?

2004-08-12 21:53:03 ET

no Brad...no, it's just something that was thought. My dad claims he's fearless, he's afraid of nothing...it's rather sad of my father to believe he's afraid of nothing but thats how he is when he's drinking..

10 feet tall and bulletproof

2004-08-12 22:22:10 ET

all he said was i am fearless

2004-08-12 22:28:44 ET

you should see him wasted

2004-08-16 10:09:06 ET

id rather not

2004-08-18 20:08:29 ET

that makes two of us...

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