I Made It Myself
2005-01-28 22:38:22 ET

yes yes Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss i have returned fully clothed unfortunatly but here none the less saddly enough not much has changed getting ready for valentines and thats it just wanted to post to tell everyone how much i missed you all bye for now.

2005-01-30 00:16:14 ET


2005-01-30 02:44:17 ET

yes now i can rule the world muhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaha

but um anyway (stage exit left)

2005-01-30 16:29:56 ET


2005-01-30 20:06:01 ET

man....exit right in one post...exit left in the next, do i gotta chase you down to catch you? heheh

2005-01-30 20:15:47 ET

most likely...or wait til he goes to bed

2005-01-30 20:20:33 ET

then just rip the covers off again. i swear i about came in there and woke you all up today...*grumble grumble* waking me up with like 4 hours of sleep wanting to play halo and when DO get up you all go to sleep...i could kill.

2005-01-30 20:24:47 ET

I didn't wake you up to play halo....that was James, i had plans on going to sleep before they woke you up.

2005-01-30 20:32:08 ET

oh yeah right! *flumps*

2005-01-30 20:32:42 ET


2005-01-31 03:10:04 ET

*dances around*

2005-01-31 03:49:02 ET

(zim voice) I Rule You (stage exit left)

2005-01-31 13:42:24 ET

Pork COW!!

2005-02-01 02:45:11 ET

Its a stinking muffin

2005-02-01 04:06:06 ET

For it will be the last peaceful sleep you'll ever know..

but we're not asleep right now

2005-02-01 07:58:33 ET

i could so sneak into your house, rob you of ur halo 2 and all your games, all your movies mallest you both in your sleep and leave without you all even knowing that i was there..lol

2005-02-01 22:20:27 ET

and i could kill you now for saying it or wait an hour than kill you for saying it........(sighs)so many questions......oh how i hate them...........muhaaaaahahahahahaha


2005-02-01 22:46:03 ET

....either way we both now want Brads head stuffed on our mantle peice..

2005-02-02 10:25:02 ET

heheh you could always glue some antlers to my forehead and i could pose as a jackalope :D

2005-02-02 19:43:45 ET

...now that could be interesting

2005-02-04 07:47:21 ET

hehe new halo name... 'you were sniped by a jackalope' heheheh

2005-02-04 12:08:50 ET

(pushin button) nuclear bomb i will rule the world

2005-02-05 00:17:31 ET

lol...you two scare me

2005-02-05 19:39:18 ET

hehe you got powned tonight and you know it kandess...and josh....heheheh

2005-02-06 04:23:44 ET

nuclear bomb man nuclear bomb you remember that man (runs away) (pokes head out)(yells) i rule you rule you all muhaaaa (gets silence.....dissapears) (in the distance) rule you rule you all

2005-02-06 06:18:31 ET

....brag a bit brad...go ahead...

2005-02-06 18:43:26 ET

Kandess- like i said tonight, the only blow i can hit you with is a halo one, specially when you start hitting me with all kinds of insults...its not bragging, u were just outta practice from not playing during the week..lol *hugs*

Josh- im gonna make you eat that nuke... *runs after jake, cuttin' off his eavery sentance with "WHO ARE YOU!?"* heheh

2005-02-07 01:48:21 ET

Lol....god i love you guys

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