The Lost Musicain
2005-02-01 03:59:14 ET

here latly i have found myself confused. it seems like im in the dark
and all i can hear is noise and thats it. it drives me insane that im not the musicain i should be because as far as music goes it feels like im lost. its almost annoying. i know god will work everyhting out. just have to keep praying.sometimes i dont want to wait sometimes it feels like patience has been wasted and im going to wake up to a hand in the face
snapping my neck back to reality. that maybe an exageration but you get my point but its ok i know it will work out. this is what i have chosen to do and i'll dig my grave before i give up. i just needed to get it off my chest. thank you for induring my complaning. i dont mean to just somethings need venting sometimes. thank you again

i know god always has a funny way of working things out.

2005-02-01 04:09:06 ET


2005-02-01 22:27:37 ET

i love you

2005-02-01 22:48:12 ET

I love you too

2005-02-01 22:48:20 ET


2005-02-02 04:33:57 ET

na hu mooooooooooommmmmmmmmm kandess is lying

2005-02-02 19:47:57 ET

...She's turned to the darkside, no longer able to aid you in your quest....

2005-02-04 12:14:46 ET

then i shall sit down and eat peanutbutter on a spoon till i think of a way to convence you i love you more

2005-02-05 00:21:06 ET

you sure do have a lot of peanut butter to eat...cause it won't happen

2005-02-06 04:29:06 ET

yes well silly duck i know ways i have my ways you (silence)(yells) ha ha hahahahahahahahahaha (silence)(whispers)i have my ways silly duck

2005-02-06 06:19:16 ET starting to get a bit scared...

2005-02-07 11:53:01 ET

i know me to

2005-02-08 04:21:46 ET

i love yous

2005-02-08 09:05:50 ET

i love you too

2005-02-08 13:02:20 ET


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