2005-02-12 08:59:26 ET

im bored as fuck that considering if fuck was bored or something anyway
this sucks im at the house nothing to do so here i am so something dammmit the silence is blinding..
no wait i mean. i cant hear and stuff.....fuck.....whatever bye
 apples king caught fire hey are you ready i can see
you are blind this sucks hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.......bye

2005-02-12 18:55:16 ET

whoa....hope you aren't so bored now

2005-02-13 05:32:02 ET

everythings ok now kandess is here but have been so bored that no matter what you do whether you like it or not your still bored i was having one of those moments. but its all ok now.

2005-02-13 15:24:58 ET

honey...i don't think i'll EVER leave you at home alone again...

2005-02-13 19:16:57 ET

i have those moments at work...gas station...second shift...only one working....blah!

2005-02-14 04:51:52 ET

lol....boredom is bad...very bad

2005-02-15 10:35:02 ET

boredom sucks im going on strike....... but anyway....i hate those moments i use to have them at wal mart all the time it was only worse on slow days though

2005-02-15 14:37:25 ET

8 am working at Kmart...they never even got customers until atleast 10

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